Bus Trials

Bus only lane on highway in Korea (taken at Si...

Bus only lane on highway in Korea (taken at Singal JC, Gyeongbu Expressway, Korea) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


PM      19-Jun Hurry up bus before the next wave of rain gets here!


PM      19-Jun Trying to catch a break and get the bus during a lull in the storm. Don’t wanna end up soaked again.


PM      19-Jun Rain came before the bus, but finally made it on.


PM      19-Jun On the bus, out of the rain, but it stopped 1 stop down, haven’t gone anywhere, no clue, bus seems to be running.


PM      19-Jun Bus was broke. Thanks for the heads up driver. I abandoned ship with the rest of the inpatients.


AM     20-Jun Happy summer!


PM      25-Jun Hello summer! Nothing like waiting for the bus when it is over 100 and humid. Def an ozone orange day today.


AM     26-Jun Oh, please don’t let me disturb you guy sleeping next to me on the bus. Just stretch out and take all the room.


PM     26-Jun Already 105. HOTT!


PM      26-Jun Jogging to catch the bus when the current air quality I’d red not the best of ideas, but it beats waiting in 110+ temps for the next bus.


PM      12-Jul  Made it to the bus despite the flooding, but the bus can’t seem to make it to the highway. Too many flashing lights ahead.


PM      12-Jul  I swear if I don’t get off this bus soon I’m going to be sick.


PM      17-Jul  Well the radar at my desk showed a break I’m the storm; it lied…


PM      31-Jul  Oh, why do you torment me so…


PM      31-Jul  3Rd bus with no seats what’s the deal! I’m dying in the heat


PM      31-Jul  Fourth time is the charm, must be traffic or everyone worked late.


PM      2-Aug  Third time’s the charm on the buses today. Only had to wait an hour in 100 degree weather and walk up 6 streets to find a less long line.


PM      2-Aug  Great waited all that time for a bus and got in a wreck. Yes were the ones pulled over at the Pkwy.


PM      2-Aug  Maybe we’ll get home today…


PM      2-Aug  The police have arrived!


PM      2-Aug  More police on the scene…


PM      2-Aug  back on the bus, the police want our info, they’re moving it’s to the office depot parking lot


PM      2-Aug  Finally off the bus and headed back to my car.


PM      6-Aug  And the bus trials continue… Bus hit something in the road, awful noise, burning rubber, and we’re broke down in the HOV.


PM      6-Aug  Made it onto another bus, headed to the PnR.


PM      6-Aug  The bus hit a tire from another vehicle. Not much room to avoid it in the HOV.




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[Writing Prompt] Transport Yourself:


Write A Story That Features A Mode of Transportation You Have Used So Often You Take It For Granted.


My story is a little different today in that I’ve gathered some tweets that I made wile riding the bus last summer when nothing seemed to go right and put them in for you tale. Names have been changed to protect the innocent 🙂



Love At First Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Well, I didn’t until yesterday when I was on the bus ride home and this great looking guy sat down next to me and start chatting me up.

We talked about everything under the sun, like we had known each other for years, until I looked up and noticed the bus was empty and I had missed my stop.

He offered to get me a cab when we got off at the last stop and we exchanged numbers.

He called me later that night to make sure I got home okay and to schedule a date for Friday night.


Lillie McFerrin Writes

Friday Fictioneers: Security Check

copyright-Rich Voza

copyright-Rich Voza

“Hey, I’m at my gate, finally. Flight’s delayed one hour due to fog.”

“Something wrong?”

“Just took forever getting through security.  It’s like these people have never flown before  They tell you what to do over the PA and there are signs everywhere. You don’t see everyone in front of you having to take off your shoes, coat, and belt?! Really!!! And of course I get stuck in the line with some guy who doesn’t want to go through the x-ray machine and causes a big fuss.”

“It’s like that every time when I fly too.”

“Really tests my patience.”



Federal Bus Tourist Act

“Get set to see the Grand Canyon sights. Please sit back and use your seat belts. This safety policy is in accordance with the Federal Bus Tourist Act. Failing to follow instructions from the attendants violates this act. Notice the emergency exit windows and roof exit with red levers. In the event of an accident or emergency, pull down on the red levers and push out. Please remain together, safely near the bus.

We have a variety products for purchase on the bus, cash only.

Ride Canyon Transportation and beat the heat. We hope you are satisfied with the tour.”


Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #303

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#75

Ok, not really the people in the picture as the prompt asked, but I’ve been looking at taking a bus from Vegas to the Grand Canyon on a short vacation. I since I commute by bus most everyday, including having been in a bus wreck, I could have really gone on more than 100 words. Perhaps another day…

Weekly Writing Challenge: First Love

Photo courtesy of Cheri Lucas.

Photo courtesy of Cheri Lucas.

The church bell was ringing noontime in the distance, signaling my vacation’s end.

One last kiss would sear him forever in my memories.

Reluctantly I boarded the trolley to the airport, ending my summer romance.

A farewell wave on that hill was the last time I saw him.

I will never forget that summer, that kiss, or my first love.


Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words, Take Two

Five Sentence Fiction – Ringing
Lillie McFerrin Writes

Saturday Centus – Week 144: I said no pictures!

Waiting for three days outside Sci-Fi-Fan-Con for ‘Mr. Can’t Wear A Shirt’ wasn’t exactly Megan’s idea of a great springbreak. Her so-called friends had already tortured her with all the movies. The books weren’t bad, but movies are never like the books.

“He’s here, he’s here!!!” Hannah screamed as a white Ferrari parked on the sidewalk.

“I said no pictures!” an drunken, emaciated, bloodshot eyed ‘Mr. No Shirt’ cried out at the waiting fans, tossing a half empty bottle of Jack towards the girls’ feet.

“I don’t understand,” Tiffany whimpered.

Megan putt her arm around her friends and offered, “That’s the dark side of the stars.”



Saturday Centus – Week 144

Number of words: 106 (including the words ‘The dark side of the stars…”
Style of writing: Any
Additional Pictures: Any



The Līgo Weekly 220w Challenge-Spain: Sígueme

“Perdón, Señor, necesito directions a Seville. ¿Ayúdame?” Caitlyn attempted to ask the first decent looking guy she spotted. She was kicking herself for not paying more attention in Spanish class in high school. She was having a difficult time understanding the native speakers and her Spanish often contained broken fragments of English. This backpacking trip through Spain was not starting out as she had planned. All she wanted to do right now was to photograph some Spanish cathedrals in the morning sunlight and finish the day flamenco dancing in Seville.  Then it was on to Madrid and Barcelona for more photography. Caitlyn planned to have a portfolio full before classes started in the fall.

“Sí, señorita,” he replied bringing her back from her thoughts. This guy looked nice enough, right? Her sense of danger a little off due to the lack of sleep at the student hostel she slept in last night. He motioned,  “Sígueme.”

He led her through the town silently; Caitlyn snapping photos as they went. Outside of town, around lunch time they stopped at what appeared to be some ruins, of what Caitlyn had no idea. Caitlyn, too busy with her camera failed to notice she had been led down beneath the stage.  ‘Señor Suave’ moved in close.

“¿Puedo sacar su foto?” he snarled.

———-217 words———-

The Līgo Weekly 220w Challenge – words to bring the world together –SPAIN 

Each week 1 country or region will be used as a prompt word for a 220 word or less challenge.