Bus Trials

Bus only lane on highway in Korea (taken at Si...

Bus only lane on highway in Korea (taken at Singal JC, Gyeongbu Expressway, Korea) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


PM      19-Jun Hurry up bus before the next wave of rain gets here!


PM      19-Jun Trying to catch a break and get the bus during a lull in the storm. Don’t wanna end up soaked again.


PM      19-Jun Rain came before the bus, but finally made it on.


PM      19-Jun On the bus, out of the rain, but it stopped 1 stop down, haven’t gone anywhere, no clue, bus seems to be running.


PM      19-Jun Bus was broke. Thanks for the heads up driver. I abandoned ship with the rest of the inpatients.


AM     20-Jun Happy summer!


PM      25-Jun Hello summer! Nothing like waiting for the bus when it is over 100 and humid. Def an ozone orange day today.


AM     26-Jun Oh, please don’t let me disturb you guy sleeping next to me on the bus. Just stretch out and take all the room.


PM     26-Jun Already 105. HOTT!


PM      26-Jun Jogging to catch the bus when the current air quality I’d red not the best of ideas, but it beats waiting in 110+ temps for the next bus.


PM      12-Jul  Made it to the bus despite the flooding, but the bus can’t seem to make it to the highway. Too many flashing lights ahead.


PM      12-Jul  I swear if I don’t get off this bus soon I’m going to be sick.


PM      17-Jul  Well the radar at my desk showed a break I’m the storm; it lied…


PM      31-Jul  Oh, why do you torment me so…


PM      31-Jul  3Rd bus with no seats what’s the deal! I’m dying in the heat


PM      31-Jul  Fourth time is the charm, must be traffic or everyone worked late.


PM      2-Aug  Third time’s the charm on the buses today. Only had to wait an hour in 100 degree weather and walk up 6 streets to find a less long line.


PM      2-Aug  Great waited all that time for a bus and got in a wreck. Yes were the ones pulled over at the Pkwy.


PM      2-Aug  Maybe we’ll get home today…


PM      2-Aug  The police have arrived!


PM      2-Aug  More police on the scene…


PM      2-Aug  back on the bus, the police want our info, they’re moving it’s to the office depot parking lot


PM      2-Aug  Finally off the bus and headed back to my car.


PM      6-Aug  And the bus trials continue… Bus hit something in the road, awful noise, burning rubber, and we’re broke down in the HOV.


PM      6-Aug  Made it onto another bus, headed to the PnR.


PM      6-Aug  The bus hit a tire from another vehicle. Not much room to avoid it in the HOV.




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Write A Story That Features A Mode of Transportation You Have Used So Often You Take It For Granted.


My story is a little different today in that I’ve gathered some tweets that I made wile riding the bus last summer when nothing seemed to go right and put them in for you tale. Names have been changed to protect the innocent 🙂