Runaways (comics)

Runaways (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We are outcasts–



Thrown away

In the gutters


Running free

In all directions

O’er the city

Like wild horses

Roaming the wild west


We make our name

Fierce and strong


Hiding the truth

The vulnerability


While dark shadows

Berate and belittle

Chipping away

At our pride

Until we are nothing



Into the shadows

No longer seen

Or heard–



Waiting and suffering

In the streets

In silence

Tears of rain

Hide our suffering


Until a mustang

Cries out in pain

We band together

An unstoppable force

–A family


Never truly alone

Unlikely help comes

When needed


—100 words—

Here’s my entry for Trifecta: Week Eighty-Eight (band) mixed with 100 Word Challenge (wild horse).





“Do it.”


“You know you want to…”

“It’s not right.”

“Go ahead.”

“Just walk away.”

“It won’t hurt.”

“You know better.”

“She won’t feel a thing.”

“This will haunt her for the rest of her life.”

“If she lives…”

“Walk away, now.”

Go ahead, one taste…”

“You will end up in prison!”

“They will never catch you.”

“Don’t listen!”

“Think of all the others waiting…”

“There’s no one waiting.”

They want it…”

“No! They don’t!”

‘They deserve it”

Mike rubbed his temples. He downed another beer, hoping it would drown out the voices in his head. Mike stood …



I was just surviving at this point. The swampy water swelled in boot deep and smelled something awful. The nights were warm and humid. It was the only time I ventured out of my jungle shelter. In the distance, I  could hear the noise of tanks and artillery. I checked to make sure they were heading in a different direction before I set out to find food. I could let either side find me. One would imprison, torture, and kill me; the other would send me home to prison. I’ll choose death over going back home to that crazy bitch.


Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #310

Hot Rod

Kyle had already surpassed the average speed of traffic, which was above the noted speed limit, when Vanessa laid her hand softly on his thigh and whispered, “More please.”  Skirt inching higher, she didn’t need to force him to kick his hot rod into overdrive. Kyle quickly became distracted by Vanessa’s wandering hand, naturally accelerating his hot rod. “Faster,” she moaned, mirroring her words with her errant hand. Kyle was about to max out his speedometer when he noticed the blue and red flashing lights in the rearview mirror. He was definitely busted.




Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #306


100 Words Week 317: Busted












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Doing Laundry

“What’s the crisis!?” Leah called from the kitchen hoping he remembered to separate out her delicates.

“It’s stuck on spin!”

“Press the button!”

“Still spinning!” he pestered again.

“Turn it off!”

“Won’t turn off!” he shouted, chipping away the last of her patience.

“Alright, I’m coming! Keep your pants on!”


Slipping from his washer mount, he caught Leah in a surprise kiss when she opened the door.

“Mhm…something’s poking me,” fussing with zippers.

“Just wait,” he replied as he pushed her up onto the ledge of the washer; her heavy dress slipping between the tangling joints of their bodies.


Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #304


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Berserkers Never Lose

Burning villages dot the highland countryside. In the aftermath of battle, a child screams in the distance, a rare survivor. Trees murmur of the unspeakable acts of man at day’s end. The stars weep for the villagers and fall from the sky. Máni bowing his head in disapproval handed the child over to Nótt, but she could do nothing to bring comforting sleep.

Scavengers begin to creep in closer; waiting for the wolves to leave. Circling ever nearer-waiting. Horns sound from offshore, the wolves’ battle victory.

Soundless, wild-eyed warriors fade into the shadow of the seas. Berserkers never lose.


I wrote a lovely Norse themed haiku collection earlier this week over at A Full Cup of Tea, but thought I’d explore the darker side today.


Quicky Norse Mythology

Máni-Moon God

Nótt-Goddess of Night

Berserkers-Favored warriors of Odin, said to wild, crazy in battle and wear wolf , not be subdued by fire or iron weaponry

Odin-God of War, God head dude like Jupiter in Roman mythology


Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #302