FRIDAY FICTIONEERS: Do you have any money here?

Copyright - Danny Bowman

Copyright – Danny Bowman

“Hey, Bizma take a pic of me with this antique!”

“What is it?” Bizma asked snapping a shot the item solo.

“It’s a pay phone,” the museum guide-bot informed the class, “A public telephone in which pre-payment is required to make a call, in this case coins.”

“Ah, yes we covered monetary systems in class last week,” the class instructor-bot reminded the class.

“Do you have any money here?” Bizma asked curiously.

“Yes, our Paper Money of the Twentieth Century display is on the second floor. Most coins, however; were melted for their valuable raw metals during World War III.

—Futuristic Sci-Fi: 100 words—



Ghoulish Flash Fiction A to Z: Acheri (Native American/Indian)

“Winona, why do you where that silly red ribbon around your neck!?”  Alice taunted the shy Winona who wore a burgundy jumper with her jet black hair pulled back in single long braid revealing the faded red ribbon around her neck.


English: A red ribbon svg file example.


“It doesn’t match your dress at all!” Sohpie joined in the taunting.


“It’s to protect me from the spirit girl on the hilltop that brings sickness to pretty girls,” Winona explained meekly.


“Well, then you have no need for it,” Monique exclaimed as she snatched the ribbon from Winona’s neck and cut it into tiny pieces.


“No, my ribbon!”




—–100 words—–



Today’s haunting is inspired by the Acheri who is said to be the spirit of a young girl living on a hilltop that brings sickness to the young and old; the only protection is a red ribbon around the neck. And of course the tale is also inspired by today’s real life mean girls. This is just part of a longer piece, so I hope enjoy the start of the April A to Z blogging extravaganza.






Trifextra Week Sixty: Remember

This commemorative coin, marking 100 years sin...

This commemorative coin, marking 100 years since Texas declared independence from Mexico, includes the phrase “Remember the Alamo”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





Bullets rain from the sky

 ‘Independence,’ they cry

As blood watered the cacti


“Remember the Alamo!”






Rebels massacred

Last requests unanswered

Widows wept while a Lone Star soared


“Remember Goliad!”

—————-36 words—————-

Texas Independence Day is celebrate in March 2 as we Remember the Alamo and Remember the Goliad Massacre.


Trifextra: Week Sixty

This weekend, we are revisiting a prompt we’ve done before.  We are giving you three words and asking that you add another 33 to them to make a complete 36-word response.  You may use the words in any order you choose.

Our three words are:


Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2013: The Big Reveal

For the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2013 I will be doing flash fiction pieces inspired by ghosts and spirits around the world. Around 100 words each. Here’s a longer tale (240 words) to wet your appetite; a tale inspired by the Jersey Devil (American).

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The Jersey Devil, the inspiration for the team...

The Jersey Devil, the inspiration for the team’s current name. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Luke had asked Jessie to meet him in the woods behind his house in the small northern Delaware town after dinner. The grass, wet from the morning’s spring rain, allowed her to sneak up on him as the sun was setting, “Hey handsome!”

“Hey beautiful,” he dodged her kiss.

“What’s up?” she asked nervously hoping he wasn’t about to break up with her. Jessie felt Luke was the one; she desperately wanted him to propose.

“I got into Rochester, great scholarship even.” Luke admitted trying to muscle up some courage to break things off with Jessie. Luke didn’t think the whole long distance relationship thing would work plus he wanted to try his luck with the girls at college. But Jessie had been good to him and he thought it would be better to break things off before summer so they could both have that summer fling to get over each other.

“Gre…” before Jessie could finish congratulating Luke; a blood-curdling scream interrupted her, “What was that?”

“I don’t know, but let’s get out of here.” Luke grabbed Jessie’s shaking hand and headed towards his house. As the shriek sounded again, they began running towards the clearing. Jessie tripped in the twilight shadows. When she looked up to grab Luke’s outstretched hand, a winged creature with an open mouth of sharp teeth came swooping down from the trees, snatching his hand like an eagle snatches a salmon out of water.

Grab a Couple Matches

St. Louis Post

Financial Section

Monday, October 28, 2057

Daily Editorial

Wall Street trading closed early Friday after spiraling out of control on reports that US Natural Gas loads and reserves are expected to dry up in the next fifteen (15) years, much earlier than anticipated. Some are calling the crash the Second Modern Black Friday. No sign as to when the Stock exchange will reopen. Regulators are being selective  and secretive prior to reopening the markets. Analysts (including this one) aren’t holding their breaths and do not expect a quick change in the markets on the latest abysmal energy sector news. Many in the energy sector point the finger at a combination of increasing environmental restrictions and user power demands due to technology hunger and recent cold winters. Environmental experts rebut by claiming that the energy sector sings “same hook” without data to back it up. Already the murmurs of “bailout” and “stimulus” can be heard in the deep, dark, dank, corridors of Washington. Sounds like the tax payers will end up picking up the tab on this one yet again with nothing to show for it. Whatever happened to all that  “green” energy from the 2000’s? One piece of advice I do have for all of you on Main Street (what’s left of it), don’t procrastinate, get you financial back up plan in order now. And while you’re at, grab a couple matches–you’re going to need them.

Richard Wilson

Financial Editor


Weekly Writing Challenge: Dystopia!

Write a short story or piece of descriptive faux-journalism describing your personal idea of a dystopia — a dark future when everything you hold dear is on the chopping block.

So, my post is like the pre-dystopia leading up to the real Oh-shit moment, and I like that plausible fiction. Sometimes reality is more terrifying than fiction and this is one of those cases.


Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #311

#26 – 2/2613 – PROCRASTINATE

Josie Two Shoes