The Līgo Weekly 220w Challenge-Spain: Sígueme

“Perdón, Señor, necesito directions a Seville. ¿Ayúdame?” Caitlyn attempted to ask the first decent looking guy she spotted. She was kicking herself for not paying more attention in Spanish class in high school. She was having a difficult time understanding the native speakers and her Spanish often contained broken fragments of English. This backpacking trip through Spain was not starting out as she had planned. All she wanted to do right now was to photograph some Spanish cathedrals in the morning sunlight and finish the day flamenco dancing in Seville.  Then it was on to Madrid and Barcelona for more photography. Caitlyn planned to have a portfolio full before classes started in the fall.

“Sí, señorita,” he replied bringing her back from her thoughts. This guy looked nice enough, right? Her sense of danger a little off due to the lack of sleep at the student hostel she slept in last night. He motioned,  “Sígueme.”

He led her through the town silently; Caitlyn snapping photos as they went. Outside of town, around lunch time they stopped at what appeared to be some ruins, of what Caitlyn had no idea. Caitlyn, too busy with her camera failed to notice she had been led down beneath the stage.  ‘Señor Suave’ moved in close.

“¿Puedo sacar su foto?” he snarled.

———-217 words———-

The Līgo Weekly 220w Challenge – words to bring the world together –SPAIN 

Each week 1 country or region will be used as a prompt word for a 220 word or less challenge.


5 thoughts on “The Līgo Weekly 220w Challenge-Spain: Sígueme

  1. nightlake says:

    This one was good:)

  2. Oh, dear. Silly girl, trusting a stranger. I like the way you subtly shift from the light of day into the dark, taking along the reader with you. Maybe, just a little tweak to the punctuation would make this journey even more seamless.

  3. yerpirate says:

    Thanks very much again – we’ve sorted out some problems and will be putting this in the online paper, and announcing your post in the ‘special mention’ shortly – superb posting. We’ll be running weekly with a slightly modified challenge – sorry about the bugs we spent time sorting out. Please feel free to take and use our ‘special mention in dispatches’ logo, termed ‘Ligo Appreciation’ for your blog, should you wish. Thanks so much again.

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