Splottown Stalker Attacks

The stalker charged Abby in the formal living-room  The two crashed over furniture as she tried everything to get him off of her. As they tumbled over the antique couch, he overpowered Abby and she hit her head on the coffee table. A thick, massive knot formed at the back of Abby’s head. She tried to sit up, shake off the funk, and act natural; she couldn’t let on that she was injured, but it was too late.
“That will take some of the spirit out of you,” the stalker said as he injected some drug into her arm.


Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #293



Garden Shadows

It was Abby’s second night in Dr. Phillip’s house and she had the unsettling feeling she was being watched. She had already cleared away the remnants of dinner and settled into the theater room with some win to watch a movie when she hear something crash outside in the garden. Mustering every ounce of courage she had, Abby grabbed the flashlight from the pantry and headed out to the garden to investigate.

At first everything in the garden looked frightening to Abby from the rose bushes to the cherub statues before she let her eyes adjust to the darkness of the thin mooned night. Then only the shadows that danced in the autumn breeze  gave her pause to jump back into her car ans speed back to the city.

There it  was. Some noise. Abby froze terrified in her tracks as as something brushed against her leg. Then a barely audible purr wafted up to Abby’s ears. “Only a cat,” she exhaled, as a back cat with large yellow eye like a full moon slinked over to rickety old ladder cast upon its side next to a short tree.

“Cat must have knocked over the ladder,” Abby said as she shook. The cat disappearing into the shadows. “Cat must belong to the neighbors,” she continued as she headed back inside. “No more TV for me, I’ve really worked myself up.”

As she closed the back door behind her, “That was close,” The Splottown Stalker exhaled from the shadows of the garden.

Story A Day Sept 2: Bubble Bath Wanted

Abby wanted nothing more than to sink into a warm bubble bath with a glass of her favorite wine  and forget the the week as she walked towards her car in the parking garage. Work had been hell all week, two extra projects dumped on her because Bob decided to go on vacation without backing up his work, all that on top of a no show date last night. Abby zoomed passed the the other drivers on the freeway with little road rage as she headed out of town to the manor in Spottown she was house sitting for her friend Dr. Cole Phillips this weekend. Hopefully he had some wine and some bubble bath she could ‘borrow’ for the weekend as well. Abby began to relax as she wound through the countryside towards Splottown. She rolled into the quaint town as the sun was setting and was surprised to see that no one about. She headed to the manor at the opposite edge of town, a large, dark Victorian style manor. Despite the manor’s ominous atmosphere Abby was determined to have a nice relaxing weekend. She entered the manor and dropped her bags off in the guest bedroom before setting off to find some wine. There was some merlot in the kitchen along with a nice collection of wine glasses. In the master bath there were an assortment of bubble baths and bath salts to choose from and she including her favorite jasmine. Abby finally indulged in her bath and wine and forgot all about her week as two piercing eyes followed her every move from the window outside.

Suspenseful Short

Abby lay awake at night, feeling as empty as the big house she was staying at. There was a draft that flowed thought the manor that caused Abby to huddle under the blanket like a little animal scared and alone.

“What was that noise?!” her mind fluttered, pulse raced, scaring herself crazy.”I need to get a hold of myself! I need to gt a grip on reality!” as she wandered down the hall to turn on the light in the kitchen and discover the sink faucet dripping.

The not too wise, Abby returned to bed unknowing that the Splottown Stalker was still watching her through the window.

Abby was new in town, unaware of the Splottown Stalker’s crime spree that preyed upon young, lonely women in the night, a gruesome matter that had the whole town suspecting anyone and everyone, even one of their own.

Thinking she had control over the whole bump in the night situation, Abby continued to count sheep, as the Stalker plugged is mouth with his fingers and chewed his nails outside her window nervously awaiting his opportunity. “Her heart will be mine,” he hissed injuriously.