When Fiction Starts Becoming Reality…

I wrote the following story bit in May thinking I would take further into some futuristic dystopian story of a world in where there are only children and adult roles like teachers and parents are filled by robots.

“Hey, Bizma take a pic of me with this antique!”

“What is it?” Bizma asked snapping a shot the item solo.

“It’s a pay phone,” the museum guide-bot informed the class, “A public telephone in which pre-payment is required to make a call, in this case coins.”

“Ah, yes we covered monetary systems in class last week,” the class instructor-bot reminded the class.

“Do you have any money here?” Bizma asked curiously.

“Yes, our Paper Money of the Twentieth Century display is on the second floor. Most coins, however; were melted for their valuable raw metals during World War III.

Then I saw the following news clip this morning about robot teachers that can start taking over the class room to teach subjects like math and computer science. The future is here…




Code Red

“Come on we need to finish this lab. It’s almost midnight and we still need to write up the report and its due tomorrow,” I said to my incompetent lab partner.

“What was that? Did you hear something?”

“No more stalling, let’s get through this.”

“No seriously I heard something.”

“Your mind is playing tricks on you.”

“Did you see that?!”

“See wha-”

“CODE RED!” the university PA system shouted.

“Which one is that?”

I searched the panel beside the lab phone, “It says ‘Code Red’ is an intruder alert.” My lab partner ran out, before I could follow I heard her scream.


ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY of Saturday Centus

The prompt this week is:   “Code Red!”

 Number of words:  102.   (including the two words of the prompt)

Style of writing: Any

Additional Pictures: Any


Dr. Lantha Nearly Forgets

The amber liquid filled jar in Dr. Lantha’s lab hummed to life.

“Oh my goodness! I nearly forgot,” Dr. Lantha shouted drawing Otto’s attention away from bubbling and fizzing beaker.

Otto quizically looked at Dr. Lantha as if asking, “What did you forget?”

Reading his chimp lab assistant’s mind, Dr. Lantha replied, “I need to make myself presentable! Otto, please grab the necessary equipment for a haircut and a shave and meet me in the lavatory. Quickly please!”

Otto covered his face with his hands and shook his head in disbelief. What in the world did Dr. Lantha grow in that now humming, liquid filled jar?


If you were expecting to find out what hatched from Dr. Lantha’s experiment based on reader’s choice today, you have one more week to cast your vote as there was a tie. Poll will now close on February 19th, so choose wisely.


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#77

“oh my goodness! I nearly forgot”

Sonic Boom

The sonic boom shook the laboratory, but that wasn’t the sound that what had Dr. Lantha frantically scurrying towards the lab. The sound of beakers, filled whole with amber colored liquid, shattering as they hit the floor caused Dr. Lantha to tear path of upended gurneys and body parts with a lace of odd stitching to the lab. Upon arrival he found this season’s crop of experiments had been destroyed by the blast in a split second. Tension filled the lab as the animals trampled trough the sticky goo to see if anything had been spared. Otto, the lab assistant/chimp noted the blast was a near miss; one beaker resting high upon the top shelf was spared. This joyous news brought tender tears to Dr. Lantha’s eyes. All was not lost.