Cloud Break


This photo story shows the clouds break over a Montreal Cathedral in the Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes



After the sonic boom had destroyed his laboratory, including this season’s experiments, Dr. Lantha nursed the lone remaining liquid filled jar like a possessive mother bird through the hot summer months. He fawned and fussed over it day and night, adjusting temperature and light. Otto thought he was going to have to send for help, until one crisp, clear autumn day something began to bubble beneath the surface of amber liquid. Otto reached for the bubbling jar with the adorable, puzzled face that only a chimp can make.

“Soon Otto, soon,” Dr. Lantha answered giddily before Otto could touch his most prized possession.


Today’s Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure ask’s us to write a story or post with an open ending, and let the readers invent the conclusion. I’ve written today’s 100 word story + 3 word prompt “beneath the surface” from the remains of Dr. Lantha’s laboratory, but I’m letting you pick what will hatch from his surviving experiment. The poll will close in 1 week. Stayed  tuned for upcoming tales of Dr. Lantha’s lab based on your input.


Dr. Lantha’s Lab Get’s Rocked: Sonic Boom

Daily Prompt: Ripped from the Headlines!- 7 Things When You Come To Houston

Having lived in Houston area for over a year now, I can now say I’m pretty familiar with the area and have my favorite things to do around town and things which I’d just rather avoid if at all possible. This past Friday the New York Times published their annual list of places to visit in 2013 listing Houston as number seven on the list. The Houston Press responded with 7 Things We Don’t Want You to See When You Come to Houston.

In my new Houstonian review…

1.Inside the Astrodome-I have never been inside the Astrodome, but driving by I just don’t see why the city doesn’t tear it down. It has to be a health hazard or something.

2.The drive from Bush Intercontinental Airport to downtown-This should have been the drive anywhere around town. If you’re coming to Houston, be prepared to sit in traffic and don’t try to make since of the drivers. If there is rain in the forecast, let someone else do the driving. One would think, in a city that sees a significant amount of rain, drivers would be used to it, but no.

3. Ship Channel-I am not sure why this is on the list other than driving near the ship channel smells downright awful. Ah, but the smell of sulfur, is America’s industrial engine churning. Minus the smell it’s worth the drive by if you don’t mind bridges.

4. Giant Neon Cross-If you’re driving downtown at night on I-45 you can’t miss this one. So tacky.

5. The Astros-Yes, I did go to an Astros game. To see my beloved Cardinals play of course. This is a great place to go see your favorite team on the road, because they’ll probably win or take the series. It’s beautiful ball park, great weather, fireworks. Of course, my Cardinals lost when I saw them. The Astros are now in the American League so you now catch the likes of the Yankees and Red Sox in visiting546426_627410932513_136905889_n

6. Northline Mall-Just say no. If you’re looking for a mall check out the Galleria west of town or the Woodland Mall North of town. There is also a new Outlet Mall South of town on the way to Galveston.
7. Any bayou that isn’t Buffalo between downtown and Memorial Park-Houston is not the concrete jungle you think of when you’re visit Texas’s other large city, Dallas. It’s rainy and green. Within this concrete jungle lies vastness greenways and trails for hiking, walking and biking usually named for the waterway they run along. Granted some are in better condition than others. Get outside downtown and explore the green spaces of Houston and you’ll be surprised.390435_593790662803_161299593_n

Biggest Disappointments When Visiting Houston:

1. Johnson Space Center-The little ones, and I do mean little may enjoy the trip to NASA’s command center, but if you’re expecting to live out childhood astronaut fantasies you’ll be disappointed. Thinking you’ll see the Apollo 13 style mission control, think again. You’ll gaze a computers and a few of NASA’s lucky to still have a job” monitoring the International Space Station. You won’t even get to see a real Space Shuttle. Houston only gets a replica and is currently fighting to keep its carrier planes from being dismantled for spare parts. Visiting Johnson Space Center may only leave you weeping at the state of America’s Space program next to the Saturn V rocket.378016_598011174863_1494141615_n

2. Beaches of Galveston-If you’re used to white, expansive beaches with clear water prepare to be disappointed. Galveston beaches are thin, hard, a bit tarry, and there is a lot of sea weed in the murky gulf. But if its winter where you’re from and its 70+degrees and you don’t mind and just want to catch some sun, come on down.

7 Houston Must Dos:

1. Theater District-Being a major metropolitan city has its finer points including wonderful ballet and opera performances in addition to numerous other theatrics. If you’re in town over the Holidays check out the Nutcracker, an annual Houston favorite.564884_652965376203_934167019_n

2. Downtown Tunnels-Catch a weekday performance and explore the downtown tunnel system in the afternoon. Underneath the downtown skyscrapers is a labyrinth of tunnels that house shops and eateries for the city’s workers. Most stores close mid-afternoon so if you’re looking for a bite after the show you might be out of luck in the tunnels.

3. Museum District-Most all of the museums in Houston are located within walking distance of each other if you don’t mind the heat or rain. Plan ahead a you can score several in one trip. The Museum of Fine Arts is a must; a collection spread over two three-story buildings.

4. Sports-Well if baseball isn’t your thing, Houston has it all. Football-Texans, Basketball-Rockets, Soccer-Dynamo. There’s even a minor league hockey team.

5. Galveston-So the beaches aren’t the best, but for history and weather buffs this is a must journey back in time. Trace the steps of the town at the turn of the 20th century as the Great Galveston Storm hits. Suggested pre-reading Issac’s Storm.

Moody Mansion

6. Texas Renaissance Festival-Hidden in the woods north of the city, lays a land of enchantment that comes alive in October through Thanksgiving. No costumes required, but it’s so much fun. 484943_658027007653_1610518947_n

7. Great Vietnamese Cuisine- Houston has the third largest Vietnamese community in the country and the food is delicious. Check out restaurant reviews online and be adventurous.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sam Resolved

Turning back to his coffee, Sam resolved to make this year the year of Taste. he could almost taste the coffee now, almost. The sweet aroma he inhaled would have to satisfy him until he could make an appointment with Dr. Russell.

“Once I can taste the food, I’ll learn to cook the food.,” Sam grinned as he planned the year ahead. Next Thanksgiving would be at his house. He would cook the whole meal, delectable delights he would savor each taste test. No longer would family gatherings be torture.

“This is my year!” Sam resolved as he headed home.

Weekly Photo Challenge-Geometry: Bus Stop Geometry Collage

Letter to the Past

Dear 14 year old Jennifer,

This is your 28 year old self writing to you from the future with some advice. No, I’m not going to tell you all the future. To do so could change to course of human history as we know for better or worse. Anyway, I want to tell you about one event that either you may have already participated in or are going to very soon. I can’t quite remember the exact time, but I remember the events and consequences vividly.

They’re putting together some kind of writing journal for the school and you who love to write are going to enter. Even despite what I’m about to tell you will still enter you works if you have not already done so. You have or will soon amassed a variety of poetry, short stories, and plays, some not very happy in nature. But then again you are a teenager and you’re just writing what you feel and what you know and what you imagination creates.

There will be an exhibit or open house of some sort and the journal and your writings will be there as will you and your family and friends will show up. There will be one particular piece that you are particular proud of, a real creative mastering so you think at the time. (And I still think so too.)

Perhaps you’ve already written the piece and you know the one I’m talking about.  You were outside you’re element that day, creative juices flowing. Not a particular pleasant or happy piece though.

Anyway, at this event, you work is read, and a certain someone is quite ‘displeased’ (if you will) with your work. “How could you write that? What were you thinking? What will everyone think when they read this?” They question you work over all and perhaps you’ve already guess whom I’m referring too, but they single out that one particular piece that is your centerpiece for your works in this journal.

You are mortified, distraught, your works stomped upon. It’s the harsh truth. In fact you stop writing, aside from assignments in high school. No writing in college either. It takes you nearly 14 years to start writing again.

If there is one piece of advice, one small piece of history for you to change, that is, “KEEP WRITING!” Ignore those hurtful words, they mean nothing.  I am here to tell you from the future that to keep writing is worth every moment of embarrassment and mortification. Your creativity and imagination is like a muscle that you need to exercise and I’m a bit rusty. It’s up to you to not let this go 14 years.

Best Wishes,

Your Future Self

Goldilocks Gets Ready for Date Night

Goldilocks had a date with Mr. Bear at 6PM sharp, dinner and a movie, a romantic comedy. She didn’t make it home from her trip to the woods until 5:30.

Only half an hour to get ready and nothing to wear!

She tried on a pink party gown, too tight. So she threw on some jeans and a blue tee, too casual for date night.

Finally, she pulled out a purple sundress from the back of her closet, just right.

Now what shoes to pair?

Goldilocks stepped into some stiletto heels, way too tall. She then slipped into some simple flats, no heel at all.

She then donned on some wedges that were just the right height.

Great timing too as the doorbel rang , what a close call!