#FridayFictioneers Mirror Chants

I work on poetry over at A Full Cup of Tea, but dabble in some short stories and flash fiction here with the FRIDAY FICTIONEERS. Every Friday authors from around the world gather to share their 100-word stories based on the photo prompt hosted by Rochelle Wisoff. We offer support, constructive criticism, and encouragement to each other. Readers are encouraged to comment. My contribution for the week follows the photo prompt below…

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“Don’t do it, Katie!” Laney shouted at her sister in the basement bathroom.

“It’s just story, Laney. Don’t be such a baby,” Katie retorted as she stuck out her tongue.

“I’ll tell mom,” threatened Laney, reaching for the bathroom door.

“Do whatever you want,” Katie waved off her sister turning towards the mirror in front of the sink cluttered with princess toothbrushes. Squaring her shoulders, Katie raised to a plié and began boldly, “Bloody Mary.”

“Don’t,” Laney whimpered, frozen in fear.

“Bloody Mary,” Katie continued in a shaking voice of increasing doubt. Laney began sobbing softly.

Kaite began a third time, “Bloody…”

-102 words-


7 thoughts on “#FridayFictioneers Mirror Chants

  1. Great story, great story, great…

  2. Miles Rost says:

    I’m thinking she got eaten by the mirror before she got the third one out. Well done on a childhood memory!

  3. Sounds interesting but what’s supposed to happen? I’m clueless here.

    • zennjenn says:

      It’s up to the reader in this case, but they need to be familiar with the urban legend of Bloody Mary. If you say her name 3x in the mirror, legend says she’ll appear and scratch your eyes out or strangle you. There are many versions.

  4. This is great, I’m just pleased I arrived after your reply above explaining the legend. Until then the only Bloody Mary I was familiar with was the one with vodka and tomato juice!

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