The wafer of a child was driving me mad with his tricks. He was trying to fill the small gap between my desk and wall while I was on the telephone. During my important conference calls, he would jiggle the cords creating a multitude of noise and alarms from the electronics in the office. If that was not bad enough, the circuits overloaded, ending my call and blowing up my computer. I reached my limit with child. As soon as I found a phone, I was sent him to military camp where he could learn discipline and put some muscle on his bones. If he is no longer crepe thin, then he can no longer fit behind my desk.


Berserkers Never Lose

Burning villages dot the highland countryside. In the aftermath of battle, a child screams in the distance, a rare survivor. Trees murmur of the unspeakable acts of man at day’s end. The stars weep for the villagers and fall from the sky. Máni bowing his head in disapproval handed the child over to Nótt, but she could do nothing to bring comforting sleep.

Scavengers begin to creep in closer; waiting for the wolves to leave. Circling ever nearer-waiting. Horns sound from offshore, the wolves’ battle victory.

Soundless, wild-eyed warriors fade into the shadow of the seas. Berserkers never lose.


I wrote a lovely Norse themed haiku collection earlier this week over at A Full Cup of Tea, but thought I’d explore the darker side today.


Quicky Norse Mythology

Máni-Moon God

Nótt-Goddess of Night

Berserkers-Favored warriors of Odin, said to wild, crazy in battle and wear wolf , not be subdued by fire or iron weaponry

Odin-God of War, God head dude like Jupiter in Roman mythology


Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #302


Splottown Stalker Attacks

The stalker charged Abby in the formal living-room  The two crashed over furniture as she tried everything to get him off of her. As they tumbled over the antique couch, he overpowered Abby and she hit her head on the coffee table. A thick, massive knot formed at the back of Abby’s head. She tried to sit up, shake off the funk, and act natural; she couldn’t let on that she was injured, but it was too late.
“That will take some of the spirit out of you,” the stalker said as he injected some drug into her arm.


Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #293


Lesson Learned

Marie gave a shake of her head to approve the shoppe owner’s terms of  lasting servitude. She remained as the old witch’s apprentice despite the continued abuse the hag dolled out in her direction. Marie was no longer the naive, young girl come to sell her wares at the apothecary shoppe. She found a way to make the old witch believe she was holding up her end of the bargain  a clever lie, all while plotting the sweet reward of the old woman’s death. It was through Marie’s many lessons, through her many travels through space and time, that she had learned to become unattached.

It was a lesson Marie had learned the hard way. During one of her early lessons, Marie saved a small girl, named Leah, from a burning home. The girl was orphaned and Marie took her as her own. She wanted the child with every fiber of her being. But she could not keep her from the old woman who did not share the same sympathies.

Marie tried to hide Leah from the old witch, but she discovered the village they were hiding in and sent soldiers to raid the small farming community. The soldiers burned the village to the ground. Leah did not make it.

Marie vowed never to get attached again. Never to love again.

Creative Copy Challenge #288