Saturday Centus – Week 144: I said no pictures!

Waiting for three days outside Sci-Fi-Fan-Con for ‘Mr. Can’t Wear A Shirt’ wasn’t exactly Megan’s idea of a great springbreak. Her so-called friends had already tortured her with all the movies. The books weren’t bad, but movies are never like the books.

“He’s here, he’s here!!!” Hannah screamed as a white Ferrari parked on the sidewalk.

“I said no pictures!” an drunken, emaciated, bloodshot eyed ‘Mr. No Shirt’ cried out at the waiting fans, tossing a half empty bottle of Jack towards the girls’ feet.

“I don’t understand,” Tiffany whimpered.

Megan putt her arm around her friends and offered, “That’s the dark side of the stars.”



Saturday Centus – Week 144

Number of words: 106 (including the words ‘The dark side of the stars…”
Style of writing: Any
Additional Pictures: Any




3 thoughts on “Saturday Centus – Week 144: I said no pictures!

  1. deanabo says:

    oh yes. The side they dont want you to see. Great post.

  2. Okay, already- no pictures then! Hahahaha! Very fun, thanks!

  3. Sue Anderson says:


    Ain’t that the truth? Fun take on the prompt!


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