Inspired by the Spirit of Adventure

Inspired by the Spirit of Adventure
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Story A Day Sept 9: Amulet

The moon was still high in the sky, the sun had yet to begin it’s morning ascent. Sarah banged on the door in an uncharacteristically impatient manner. “Where is she? She usually up early getting ready for work,” Sarah tapped her toes waiting for Jennifer to answer the door. Sarah banged on the door again even more impatiently.

Jennifer answered the door, “What the hell?! Do you know what time it is? Some people are trying to sleep!” Exhausted from working and commuting in the city summer hear, Jennifer was trying to make up some sleep on her Friday off. She was not happy to be awakened early when the day’s plans called for sleeping in and a late leisurely lunch.

“I’m in some serious trouble,” Sarah blurted out. “Let me in and I’ll tell you all about it while you pack your bag.” If there was anyone who could help her with the mess she was in, Sarah knew it would have to be Jennifer.

“Where are we headed? And what’s the trouble” Jennifer asked as she invited Sarah in and stared making breakfast. She knew Sarah, must be into something deep to just show up on her door step alone, without Connor, and without calling first.

Sarah paused, if she brought Jennifer into this now, they could all get hurt. “How far is Mexico from here?”

Mexico? Must need to run from something, Jennifer thought. She wasn’t sure they wanted to cross the boarder from Texas, but answered, “Nuevo Laredo is about 6 hours. The trouble part?”

“Well some Egyptian officials believe I have the Amulet that we discovered on the dig the summer, the one I told you about, which I don’t of course-have it,” Sarah said suspiciously. While she did not have the Amulet in her possession,  she knew where it was and it was not in Egypt.

Knowing her friend all too well, Jennifer asked,”And where Connor?”