#MysteryMonday Sinister Message

Jamie and I headed inside to make a list of suspects. I noticed the light blinking on his answering machine when we reach his office in the back of the house.
“Did you hear the phone ring?” I asked as I pressed the button next to the red pulsating light.
Jamie shook his head no as a mechanical voice commanded from the machine.
“If you want the jewel of your collection returned in one piece it will cost you $3 million dollars. I will send instructions.  Do not involve the authorities and do not try to play games with me or I will have to take one leg at a time. ” (click)
Jamie let out an audible sigh at that last part and I thought he was going to pass out for a moment. Instead we just stood there in the shadows staring at each other.
“This doesn’t sound like someone who wants to sell at an auction, this sounds like someone who may have a personal grudge,” I muttered as I motioned towards the answering machine button once more.

Continued from Missing Spider



English: A spider Français : Une araignée

On a dark and damp morning as I dotted away at the keyboard;
The rain pitter-pattered on the roof patiently waiting for lunch;
Until Sahara spied along the wall a spider feasting early;
Watching it snack on another spider gave me the shivers;
My office has an odor now, but is free of offending spiders.