#StoryaDay Wrong Stop

My September Story a Day for the day. I’ve gotten a bit distracted and haven’t kept up. Time to get back on track.

“Ding! Stop garh blar garh,” announced the jumbled robotic voice of the light rail system.

Ty still absorbed in his Thermodynamics book hopped off one station too soon, not paying attention to where he was going. As he headed towards the station exit he walked right into a large man.

“What here you’re going, punk!” The man screamed as he threw Ty’s book onto the tracks.

“No, I need that book to study for my exam tomorrow,” Ty lamented.

“If you don’t get out of my way, nerd, you’re going to be next,” the large man snarled as the next train raced over the book on the tracks.

Once the man hopped on the train and it sped away Ty felt it was safe to hop onto the tracks to retrieve his battered book and head home. He never saw the returning train coming.