#MysteryMonday Missing Spider

Continued from Friday’s post CoffeeTime

“It’s gone…I don’t…know,” Jamie puffed into the phone incoherently.
“Hold tight, I’m on my way,” I responded as I hung up the phone and started up my car.
I found Jamie on the floor of his garage surrounded by crumpled paper, bubble wrap, and little glass containers. “I’ve searched in all of these…it’s gone.”
“Maybe whats-her-face took it when she moved out.”
“No,” Jamie replied flatly to my suggestion.
“Look no one wants a fossilized spider…it has to be here somewhere.”
“It’s not just any spider it’s rare, it’s ancient, and the prize of my collection! Someone took it!”
“Why would some want to do that?” I asked as I gingerly shuffled through the containers of arachnids and assorted insects.
“To hurt me,” Jamie whined like a child. I paused from my search to give Jaime a look that said I did not buy that reasoning to which he responded quietly, “To sell it.”
“Is it valuable?” I questioned. I had no idea about these things. I tried to avoid spiders altogether. Just sorting through Jamie’s current collection made me a little squeamish.
“Oh yes, to a museum or other similar collection, the specimen could fetch a price of $2.84 million and at auction even more.”
“And you were keeping in your garage? Let’s start making a list of who knew you had the fossil and wanted it and then talk about your choice of storage options.”

~Word Count: 240 words~


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