When Fiction Starts Becoming Reality…

I wrote the following story bit in May thinking I would take further into some futuristic dystopian story of a world in where there are only children and adult roles like teachers and parents are filled by robots.

“Hey, Bizma take a pic of me with this antique!”

“What is it?” Bizma asked snapping a shot the item solo.

“It’s a pay phone,” the museum guide-bot informed the class, “A public telephone in which pre-payment is required to make a call, in this case coins.”

“Ah, yes we covered monetary systems in class last week,” the class instructor-bot reminded the class.

“Do you have any money here?” Bizma asked curiously.

“Yes, our Paper Money of the Twentieth Century display is on the second floor. Most coins, however; were melted for their valuable raw metals during World War III.

Then I saw the following news clip this morning about robot teachers that can start taking over the class room to teach subjects like math and computer science. The future is here…