How would you like to go up?

Magnificent CME Erupts on the Sun - August 31

Magnificent CME Erupts on the Sun – August 31 (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)


“How would you like to goup?” the starkly dressed woman asked me as she made the bed.


“Goup?” I asked her back, unsure of what she was asking. I hadn’t thought about this being a messy process.


“Go…up.” she emphasized.


“Go up…” I pondered gazing out the window at the heavens above. “A swing I suppose.”


“Oh Mr. Anderson, that’s not how they do it,” she smiled kindly, politely, too politely.


“What do I need to decide then?” I asked her not turning my gaze from the heavens.


“Do you want to be cremated first or would you like your body intact as it enters the sun?” she answered starkly.




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6 thoughts on “How would you like to go up?

  1. Karen S. says:

    Oh my, now this is a different side for sure. Nicely done.

  2. The Real Cie says:

    Well, it’s kinda gonna get cremated either way.
    Could I kill my body off first with all kinds of wild partying, and then have it be shot into the sun? That would be really metal!

  3. yarnspinnerr says:

    A whole debate is embedded here. Kudos.


  4. tracy says:

    A good starter for ten thank you

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  6. Bravo!


    I love it!

    My husband and I were just having this discussion.

    I think I’d like to be intact when I enter the sun!

    I would make one heck of a solar flare for everyone to enjoy!

    Super creative.

    I really, really enjoyed this writing.

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