Trifecta Week Seventy-Eight: Shallow and Pedantic

“I find this shallow and pedantic mother,” pushing back is plate of Sloppy Joe and green beans.

“Jacob Alexander, I’ve had about enough of that show and you repeating it. It’s a bad influence and you’re setting a bad example for your brother. One more time and there’s will be no TV for a month.”

“I find that punishment shallow and pedantic.” Jacob’s little brother mimics.

—66 words—

As soon as I saw the prompt for this week this Family Guy episode came to mind 🙂

Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Family Guy Wiki

Commentator 1: The administration’s plan for peace in the Middle East is shallow and pedantic.
Commentator 2: I agree. Shallow and pedantic.
Peter: I agree as well. Shallow and pedantic.
(at the dinner table)
Lois: Everything all right. Peter?
Peter: Well, Lois, since you asked, I find this meatloaf rather shallow and pedantic.
Brian: What is this? You’re gonna talk down to everyone just because you won a game of Trivial Pursuit?
Peter: Perhaps.


Trifecta: Week Seventy-Eight

: of, relating to, or being a pedant(see pedant)

: narrowly, stodgily, and often ostentatiously learned

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4 thoughts on “Trifecta Week Seventy-Eight: Shallow and Pedantic

  1. This is brilliant and could so easily be my family where the current phrase is, “This is not a negotiation. It is simple fact.” I think I said it once. Okay maybe twice. Now everytime I say no to something it comes back to haunt me.

  2. steph says:

    I just found myself a new phrase. Thanks! I can hear myself now annoying the hell out of those around me, and becoming shallow and pedantic myself. This made me laugh – nice scene!

  3. JannaTWrites says:

    I’ve never seen that show, so I wasn’t familiar with your inspiration. “Shallow and pedantic” is a cool phrase, though 🙂

  4. Draug419 says:

    haha kids are great

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