English: A Mermaid Français : Une Sirène

Eric checked his oxygen tank for a second time, strapped his goggles on tight and dove beneath the sapphire abyss in search of the woman who had captured his heart.

Max said she was a phantom, a figment of his imagination brought on by the trauma of nearly drowning and the lack of oxygen to his brain, but Eric was going to prove Max and everyone else wrong when he found her.

“She had the deepest eyes, the fairest skin, and the voice of an angel,” he once told old Rex only to receive a warning about devious mermaids and sirens who lure men to the deaths a the bottom of Davy Jones’ Locker.

Eric couldn’t believe someone so wondrous and beautiful could be bad, even if she was a mermaid.

That’s when Eric heard the sweet melody below; he swam deeper and deeper into the abyss towards the light, lyrical voice of his angel.

—–155 words—–

Five Sentence Fiction – Goggles

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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