Ghoulish Flash Fiction A to Z: Tartalo (Basque)

Tartaloren irudikapena, Zamudioko Izenaduba pa...

Tartaloren irudikapena, Zamudioko Izenaduba parkean. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was that first warm, sunny day of spring when Blake and Jake ditched their chores to explore the local caverns. It was a perfect day to play hooky, or so they boys thought as they headed for the woods.

“Come on! That new cave I found is near the lake in the back of Basq Hill Bend,” older brother Blake shouted as he ran ahead, deep into the hills towards the lake.

The lake was the pristine kind that one reads about in Arthurian legends, but on the far side sat a menacing, cragged hill with a large gaping mouth that begged errant boys to enter.

“I bet there’s an underground river that feeds the lake down there,” Jake informed his older brother expertly from the opening in the earth when he finally caught up.

“Who cares! Let’s look for gold or other loot.” Blake shouted back from inside the dark cavern.

“Shouldn’t we have some climbing equipment or something?” Jake hollered back from just outside the earth’s cragged grin.

“We’re not going up!” Blake shouted back.

Before Jake could enter the cavern, a thunderous roar responded to Blake’s disturbance. Jake ran to his brother’s screams and watched in an ecstasy of terror as a one-eyed giant ate his brother. Jake stood frozen in fear until the giant’s ring shimmered off the stalactite as the beast licked his fingers.

“I’ll save you for tomorrow,” the giant grumbled satisfactorily plucking Jake from his spot; hanging him from a stalactite before stomping towards the back of the cave for a nap.

—–260 words—–

Today’s trifecta haunting is inspired by the Tartalo, a one-eyed giant who eats people and sheep.

Trifecta: Week Seventy-Four

This week’s word is ecstasy.

1a : a state of being beyond reason and self-control

 b archaic : swoon
2: a state of overwhelming emotion; especially : rapturous delight

Please remember:

  • Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.
  • You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post.
  • The word itself needs to be included in your response.
  • You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above.
  • Only one entry per writer.
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  • Trifecta is open to everyone. Please join us.

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10 thoughts on “Ghoulish Flash Fiction A to Z: Tartalo (Basque)

  1. Draug419 says:

    hahaha I love a good monster nomming story 😀

  2. This was a fun piece. I love the errant boys line.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Teresa says:

    Whoa, that monster scares and so does your FF.

  4. Haha! This made me laugh and the detail of the ring.

  5. Linda Vernon says:

    Holy Stalactite! I loved this!!

  6. Wow, this was ghoulishly delightful!

  7. jannatwrites says:

    Yikes! Moral of the story: stay in school or you’ll be devoured by a one-eyed monster.

  8. Ouch. Never explore in a giant’s lair without taking the usual precautions. Lovely piece

  9. Chuck says:

    “Beware of dragons because you are bite-sized and taste good with ketchup!” I should think we should change it to include Giants after this piece. I love a good game changer, a giant noshing on an unsuspecting kid is the way to go. A!


  10. Brian Benoit says:

    Ah yes, we younger siblings are often the voice of reason haha. Love it – will there be a part 2 with Jakes escape (or not escape?)

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