Ghoulish Flash Fiction A to Z: Shadow People (American)

shadow people

shadow people (Photo credit: BEYOURPET)

I awoke with a start to the flickering light from the neighbors’ back porch. They had left in on again and I was again irritated, but as I went rise from the bed to shut my bedroom shades I found myself unable to move. My legs would not move when I told them; I could not even command my toes to wiggle. As I tried to calm myself, that’s when I notice it. Hovering in the far, dark corner of the bedroom, watching me from the shadows, had to be nearly eight feet tall. If I hadn’t already been paralyzed I would have been in that moment it started from the shadows towards the bed.




—–115 words—–

Today’s haunting is inspired by the shadow people of varying American lore that is sure to keep any child from sleeping for a week.