Ghoulish Flash Fiction A to Z: Qalupalik (Inuit mythology)

The shoreline was beginning to see a few hours of daylight now, so Aga bundled up Kiviuq for a walk along the shore. He had been begging all week to go help the other men of the village with the clean up from the oil spill. Maybe they could find one small animal still alive to help clean up and save; she hated to expose him to this tragedy so early.

“Don’t wander away or the Qalupalik will take you for herself.”

“Ducky!” Kiviuq exclaimed at his find, but it was too late for both as the sea woman grabbed Kiviuq.

Copyright-Janet Webb

Copyright-Janet Webb

—–101 words—–

Today’s short haunting is inspired by the Qalupalik, a sea woman who abduct children who wander from their children.

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12 thoughts on “Ghoulish Flash Fiction A to Z: Qalupalik (Inuit mythology)

  1. Spooky little story and I guess it’s not safe to go back to the water yet! (check out the typo in the first sentence under the picture)

  2. So many bad things in so many different cultures reach out from the sea to grab people or animals that it’s amazing any of us ever go near the shore! Nicely done. (In your second sentence, you need an “s” on the end of “abduct”. More coffee!! 🙂


  3. Betty Alark says:

    I like the picture! What is that? It is a tragedy how oil spills harm animals.

  4. kdillmanjones says:

    Great story! Qalupalik is such an interesting character. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  5. Sandra says:

    A really original take on the prompt – enjoyed this with its mythical aura.

  6. Dear Jenn,
    A well-done melding of two challenges.

  7. I loved that Quaupalik. And so good to combine two prompts-

  8. Great post! Quaupalik is an interesting character! Great posts.
    A to Z-ing to the end
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  9. 40again says:

    Enjoyed this. It is a very different take on the prompt, well done

  10. Joe Owens says:

    Every culture has their own type of Bogeyman. This was quick and unexpected.

  11. Children who wander from their children?

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