Ghoulish Flash Fiction A to Z: Mara (Scandinavian folklore)

The Nightmare

The Nightmare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Come with me,” she said, offering me her hand. I accepted the invitation and her help upon her steed. I wasn’t a fan of horse to begin with and hers’ looked to be one of the four bringers of the apocalypse. What possessed me to accept her offer I don’t know. No, that’s not true. It was her angelic voice and her eyes as deep as the bluest sea. I wasn’t exactly thinking straight, but realized the error of my way as we galloped through the graveyard and a hand grabbed my ankle. It pulled me off the horse and down into the earthen grave. As what I swear were spiders stared crawling up my legs, I panicked and started clawing at the dirt…





And then I woke up clawing at a cocoon of my sheets in a heavy sweat.

—–139 words—–

Today’s haunting is brought to you by the Mara or Mare, the origin of the nightmare, often said to be a woman who haunted men in the night inviting them for an exhaustion ride. There are many varying legends about the Mara/Mare throughout the Scandinavian, Norse, and Germanic countries.


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  1. Nicely told and well written. I have a weakness for Scandinavian stories, after reading one a while back (Simon said? — can’t really remmebr the title for sure or the author, but loved it.) I love drama — it turns the pages fast — so mentions such as “bringers of the apocalypse” have that effect.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

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