Ghoulish Flash Fiction A to Z: Jumbee (Caribbean)


“I’m surprised you wanted to go to this swingers’ party.”


“How many times do I have to tell you it’s not a swingers’ party. Arvede says this group all has Caribbean roots and gets together at these parties to celebrate that heritage. She invited me to see what it was all about.”


“Then why am I here if it’s not a swinger’s party?”


“Just shut up already.”


Arvede welcomed us into her backyard, introducing us to the two other couples and her brother Agwe seated behind several exotic looking drums.


“We’ll begin the dance, we tag in and out,” Arvede explained as I tried to absorb everything.


“How will we know what to do or when to dance?”


“The music will tell you,” Arvede laughed as she began to sway to the soft drums. As the drums grew louder, I became mesmerized by the dancers’ rhythms. When I realized their transformation, I was already under the spell of the drums. The music commanded my hips to the dance circle and  I wished it had been a swingers’ party.


Monochrome Jumbie

Monochrome Jumbie (Photo credit: Oblivious Dude)

—–177 words—–


Today’s haunting is inspired by the Jumbee which is a spirit or demon in some Caribbean countries. There are many different types and forms of Jumbees of Jumbies, sometimes called a ghost, or spirit of the dead. Jumbees are said to possess humans during ceremonies called jumbie dances, performed be changing couples to quickening drums.