Ghoulish Flash Fiction A to Z: Iannic-ann-ôd (Breton)

Heads of Ayr

Heads of Ayr (Photo credit: overgraeme)

“Iou! Iou!” called the wind through the cragged shoreline. Stuart wound through the rocks, thinking at first it was nothing. His imagination caught in the shadows along the water’s jagged edge, as he returned the call, “Iou! Iou!” The dark shadow on the bending beach leapt toward him.

As Stuart paused to admire the sun’s submission to the jaded sea and let  his eyes adjust to twilight’s tricks, the wind called again, “Iou! Iou!” Out of a possessive habit, Stuart again returned the call, “Iou! Iou!” Amber light mixing with muted indigo again gave the appearance of a dark shadow leaping towards Stuart at the water’s edge.

Stuart bent low, scooping the cold sea-foam into his hands, splashing away the disbelief on his face. As he stood the wind again called, “Iou! Iou!” To the increasingly violent sea, Stuart replied, “Iou! Iou!,” Immediately he clasped his hand over his mouth realizing his error. Instantaneously the chill of the sea pumped through his veins as the shadow leaped a third time to stand before him. The crashing waves upon the rocky shore as the tide came in drowned the sounds of Stuarts neck breaking.

————-193 words——————–

Today’s haunting is inspired by the

which is said to be the souls of drowned persons lost at sea. Lore says if you repeat back their call three times they will break your neck.


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  1. Oh wow. This one is really spooky. Loved the comparison between calm pictures of Stuart on the beach and his violent end.

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