Ghoulish Flash Fiction A to Z: Gwyllion (Welsh)

cantilever barn interior

“Did you hear about the Jones around the bend? Murdered in the middle of the night, while they slept?”


“Yes, no sign of forced entry.”


A sudden knock at the door caused Mrs. Powell to jump, “Oh my,” she whispered.


“Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s nothing. You’ve got yourself all worked up over the town’s gossip,” Mr. Powell chided as he went to answer the door. An aged woman with a white hair and a cane stood before him when he opened the door.


“I’m sorry sir, I don’t mean to trouble you I’m making my way to Rayesberg across the pass, I was wondering if you could spare some water for my horse?


“Nonsense, you should stay the night if you can afford the time. Rest yourself in our guest room and your horse in our barn,” Mrs. Powell answered as she joined her husband.


Mrs. Powell ordered Mr. Powell to fix their guest a dinner plate while she saw to the guest room. The old woman walked her horse to the barn and saw the steed fed and watered. Stroking the horse’s mane she whispered, “So far these folks are turning out to be nicer than that Jones couple I had to get rid of last week. Hopefully they won’t falter and I can be on my way tomorrow morning while they eat breakfast. Then again I have no trouble showing the same hospitality they show me, if you know what I mean.”


Smiling devilishly, the old woman hobbled back to the Powells’ kitchen for a warm dinner and a good night’s sleep.


—–265 words—–


Today’s haunting is inspired by the Gwyllion, a ghost, spirit, or  night-wanderer sometimes also known as mountain fae. They are often depicted as women and lore has it they like to mislead mountain travelers and that if invited into your home and treated right they will leave you alone.