Ghoulish Flash Fiction A to Z: Fachen (Irish and Scottish)

Beware the creature comes from the mist of Erin’s hills with naught but one arm and one leg, with a tale, covered in feathers black as tar.

That’s what granda used to warn us. I thought it was just a silly story of the old county he would tell us to try to scare us when ma wasn’t paying close enough attention, that was until  Lacy and I decided to take our honeymoon in Ireland. She has Irish roots as well and we thought it would be cool to see the land of magic, fairies, and our ancestors. We just didn’t realize the legends were real, particularly the one about the Fachen.

—–112 words—–

Today’s haunting start is inspired by the Fachen, a ghastly monster with half a body-one arm, one leg, often a tail, and black feathers.


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  1. I love your character Fachen, wonderfully creative 🙂

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