Ghoulish Flash Fiction A to Z: Chindi (Navajo)

Dust Devil

Dust Devil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


While Niyol was out at the bar, Haseya snuck into his room taking some money and a white beaded necklace.




When Niyol returned in the wee hours, he packed up and went immediately to the front desk, pounding on the bell until Haseya showed up in robe and curlers.




“What’s the trouble, sir?”




“No ma’am, someone’s been through my things! I am checking out now! Don’t expect you’ll be getting the full rate as I suspect you’ve already taken your share from my things!”




The next morning a dust devil started in the room where Niyol had stayed and caught up with Haseya on the Inn’s grounds. The next morning Haseya was so weak she could not rise from the bed; by the end of the week she was dead.




——130 words—–




Today’s haunting is inspired by the Chindi, which is the ghost left behind when a person dies, the essence of everything bad about the person. Dust devils are often called Chindi, the counterclockwise ones are evil spirits.









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