Sing to Me Sunshine

Tam took over care for her ailing grandmother, Xuan, in the evenings after class at the university when her mother went to work at the hospital’s night shift. After dinner her grandmother often requested she play the harp-like instrument from the old country for her as she drifted off to a medicated sleep. Always demanding Tam sing to her in English, Xuan would start in on a long rant about how much she had sacrificed coming to this country to give them good future if Tam started in their native tongue.


Roses love sunshine, violets love dew
Angels in heaven, know I love you
Angels in heaven, know I love you.


Xuan never spoke of the old country, only of the opportunities they had before them here in this country. Tam wondered what her grandmother would say if she told her that she would be studying abroad in the old country next semester. Would she be proud?  Or would she be angry? Tam and her mother had agreed it was best for Xuan’s health that she not know, for now, but Tam did not know how her mother could care for her grandmother all by herself and support them at the same time. Maybe she shouldn’t go…


dreams held to tightly

a new angel sings sweetly

dawn’s sun shines brightly

—–22o words—-






11 thoughts on “Sing to Me Sunshine

  1. yarnspinnerr says:

    New angels sing sweetly …… wow.


  2. kz says:

    really lovely story…onereally couldn’t hold back the soul’s who’s to reconnect with one’s roots.. 🙂

  3. kz says:

    really lovely story…one really couldn’t hold back the soul’s yearning to reconnect with one’s roots.. 🙂

  4. rlmorgan51 says:

    You wanted us to sing to you sunshine…Well, I can’t sing a note without dogs starting to howl and cats doing their thing….so instead I’d like to offer you this instead :

    ENJOY !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Sunshine says:

    it is hard dealing with aging family members…the choices…nicely done story with a positive light at the end with your haiku. ♥

  6. what a rich story filled with joy, sadness and all other dimensions of life.

  7. nightlake says:

    lovely and deep

  8. Peripatetic Eric says:

    Beautiful story and haiku.

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