Unseasonal Weather

The unseasonal weather meant it was time to schedule a pedicure and break out the short skirts. Marnie was getting a head start at finding a husband this Spring. Her goal was to have a man on her arm at the family barbecue Memorial Day weekend so she didn’t have to hear her mother’s constant nagging. That would stop her mother from pestering her about grand children though. Maybe she’d be lucky enough to have a bun in the oven by then as well. Not the traditional route, but with it being 90 degrees and two weeks from Easter why not keep an open mind.

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I was seeing stories about snow and freezing temps, so I had to throw one in that was inspired by the 90 degree day we had down here on Monday.




3 thoughts on “Unseasonal Weather

  1. cftc10 says:

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  2. JazzBumpa says:

    A lady as determined as Marnie is pretty much doomed to success.


  3. The Real Cie says:

    Pedicure and short skirts are both ancient history for my life. I do like the gulls. I do relate to the feeling about nagging female relatives, although as I am nearly 50, my mother has gotten over the need to nag me about producing more grandchildren.

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