Code Red

“Come on we need to finish this lab. It’s almost midnight and we still need to write up the report and its due tomorrow,” I said to my incompetent lab partner.

“What was that? Did you hear something?”

“No more stalling, let’s get through this.”

“No seriously I heard something.”

“Your mind is playing tricks on you.”

“Did you see that?!”

“See wha-”

“CODE RED!” the university PA system shouted.

“Which one is that?”

I searched the panel beside the lab phone, “It says ‘Code Red’ is an intruder alert.” My lab partner ran out, before I could follow I heard her scream.


ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY of Saturday Centus

The prompt this week is:   “Code Red!”

 Number of words:  102.   (including the two words of the prompt)

Style of writing: Any

Additional Pictures: Any



7 thoughts on “Code Red

  1. Franka says:

    that left me wanting to know so much more! Great job!

  2. claudia says:

    Nasty character in this Code Red. Hope the narrator made it.

  3. Karen S. says:

    I did see that! Now we need to know what it was or is!!!

  4. Sarah Ann says:

    Loved the dialogue. Would like to know more about what’s outside too.

  5. Judie says:

    I agree with Sarah Ann! Just what was lurking about???

  6. Oh no!

    What the heck was there?

    These kinds of stories always scare me!

    My imagination is so often bigger than the reality of anything!

    Great writing.

  7. Very cool. I quite enjoyed it!

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