Renaissance Festival

How women survived throughout the trials of history remains a mystery to me.


My friends and I down on hour costumes for the Renaissance Festival last summer in the hottest of heat with every intention of seeing all the Faire sights and doing a little shopping. We even tried our hand with some of the period weaponry much to our dismay.
We made sure we included breaks from the sun and heat by venturing into the catacombs, seeing the king’s court, and having tea with the Queen. We are ladies after all. Completing a day adventure, called for wine and the customary turkey leg.



Weekly Writing Challenge: Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Since this is the first challenge in Phoneography Month you know it has to involve a photo, but no worries — it’s still an equal-opportunity challenge; no fancy phone required.For this challenge, we want to see a photo of someone looking truly happy.


2 thoughts on “Renaissance Festival

  1. Peripatetic Eric says:

    And you all truly look happy! Hey I felt happy looking here.

  2. cattaildownblog says:

    This is awesome. My girlfriend just took me to our local Renaissance Festival for my birthday because neither of us had ever been and we really wanted the experience. It was a great time and the turkey legs were delicious!

    Thanks for the post, feel free to check out our adventures too at

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