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Monday, October 28, 2057

Daily Editorial

Wall Street trading closed early Friday after spiraling out of control on reports that US Natural Gas loads and reserves are expected to dry up in the next fifteen (15) years, much earlier than anticipated. Some are calling the crash the Second Modern Black Friday. No sign as to when the Stock exchange will reopen. Regulators are being selective  and secretive prior to reopening the markets. Analysts (including this one) aren’t holding their breaths and do not expect a quick change in the markets on the latest abysmal energy sector news. Many in the energy sector point the finger at a combination of increasing environmental restrictions and user power demands due to technology hunger and recent cold winters. Environmental experts rebut by claiming that the energy sector sings “same hook” without data to back it up. Already the murmurs of “bailout” and “stimulus” can be heard in the deep, dark, dank, corridors of Washington. Sounds like the tax payers will end up picking up the tab on this one yet again with nothing to show for it. Whatever happened to all that  “green” energy from the 2000’s? One piece of advice I do have for all of you on Main Street (what’s left of it), don’t procrastinate, get you financial back up plan in order now. And while you’re at, grab a couple matches–you’re going to need them.

Richard Wilson

Financial Editor


Weekly Writing Challenge: Dystopia!

Write a short story or piece of descriptive faux-journalism describing your personal idea of a dystopia — a dark future when everything you hold dear is on the chopping block.

So, my post is like the pre-dystopia leading up to the real Oh-shit moment, and I like that plausible fiction. Sometimes reality is more terrifying than fiction and this is one of those cases.


Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #311

#26 – 2/2613 – PROCRASTINATE

Josie Two Shoes


5 thoughts on “Grab a Couple Matches

  1. Yes, that could be a problem, unless you’re one of those that pray for that kind of thing to happen.
    I enjoyed your take on a possible dissaster. C’m on baby, let’s raise taxes one more time…that solves all problems.

  2. This was very well done… sobering thought! If we ignore the problem and procrastinate about having any backup plan, we could be left out in the cold literally. Thank you for sharing with us at Two Shoes Tuesday!

  3. oldegg says:

    Sadly we or someone (to shift the blame) still believe in fairies believing that our insatiable thirst for energy. can be satisfied. OK there may be an answer but lets develop communities that can exist without using fossil fuel of any sort to see if they can be viable, just in case.

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  5. Jim says:

    Nice story, Jenn. This could happen sooner? Back in the 1970’s I read an article in the National Geographic saying that our energy source, petroleum would be exhausted in 20 years totally in all the known sources. Still going around hat number. 🙂
    Nice use of the prompt word, thank you.

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