I never want to see another prince again!

Forget what you know about princesses locked in towers. I was not locked away dreaming of adventure and love by my father nor was I stowed away by some evil witch to sit here waiting for my true love prince to rescue me. Believe me, when I say, I have had enough adventure for one princess and I don’t need a charming prince. I never want to see another prince again! That is why I am here, in this tower-hiding. In fact, if you are reading this you should probably send a search party out looking for me because that maniac has found probably me.

We met a year ago at the Summer Solstice Ball my father held to introduce me to some of the eligible bachelors he felt worthy of my hand. Whatever! It was all political. It was a great party though and I scored a new outfit for the gig. There was dancing and music and everyone who was anyone was there. Talk about gossip central. I was having a great time until I was introduce to him-Prince Carden. Don’t get me wrong, he was good looking- tall, dark, and mysterious, in that brooding kind of way. We danced, but there was other eye candy that had caught my attention.

I had apparently caught his. He stuck around to speak to me the next day in the garden. My father was thrilled. I was not impressed. Prince Carden apparently thought that was all it took to seal the deal. He thought wrong. He asked for my hand and I refused. He went over my head to my father, but I have the old man wrapped around my finger. He of course tried insinuating things I as a lady will just not put down on paper and my father kicked him out. I thought that was the end of that, and I thought wrong.

A fortnight later, in the dead of the night, I was awakened to a commotion on the palace lawn. It sounded like we were being attacked! I grabbed my robe to make myself proper and I was grabbed from behind. That is the last thing I remembered until I woke up on a fast moving horse in the arms of-yep, none other than-Prince Carden. He smiled a devilish grin at me and I of course passed right back out. What! I’m a princess not a warrior. This is no fairy tale with fairy godmothers. I’ve got to save myself from a maniac Prince who has captured me for—I cannot write such things!

Speeding ahead through my numerous ‘fainting’ spells…

On the wrong side of a dark forest, Prince Carden and his men stopped to celebrate their ill gotten gains at a dreary looking tavern. I faked another fainting spell. Like I said, princess not a warrior, I doubt I could even lift a sword, but fainting-that I have. They placed me in locked room upstairs and went down to celebrate. I waited until I knew they had had a few rounds of ale and lowered myself out the small window using the bed sheets. I stole one of the horses rode, rode until I and the horse could go no more.

Then I continued on foot some more, until I found this abandoned tower. It looks to be the remains of castle long destroyed. Probably by Prince Carden’s family, if I had to guess. This tower must have been the study. There was paper and ink and so I can write and you can know my tale. If you find this, you can send help. You can tell my family. You can…

“Of course I will tell your family, dear. The wedding announcements have already been sent. Now where are you my Princess?”