Kings Character Sketches

Long ago, on a moonless night when the kings were appointed the guardians of man. The goddess crooned of duty and honor. The red king, the blue king, and the white king, each knelt before her granite temple solidifying their oath by cramming down the caramel colored acid she offered. An eavesdropper gave a low shriek of disapproval.

The kings banded together to rid the world of the magic folk. The few they allowed to stay bought  their peace with gifts and offerings. Man was now safe from the magical beings, though this was not what the goddess had intended the kings to do with the honor she had gifted them. The kings angered the goddess and so she paid them a visit on another moonless night.

“Good eve, Red King.” The goddess commanded as the Red King knelt before her beauty.

“Good eve, Blue King.” again the King she commanded fell to his knees. Before she could speak his name the White King knelt and bowed before his goddess. She smiled, “Good eve, White King.”

“You have taken advantage of the honors I have bestowed upon you.”

“Your Beauty, let me explain,” the Red King started.

With a flick of her hand the silenced the Red King.

“I am very disappointed in all of you.”

“Your Grace, if I may,” the Blue King tried, but was also silenced.

“If you do not change your ways you will all fall to ruin. If you can turn to your true purpose, you will find true riches,” goddess finished. She gave a lasting and knowing look in the White King’s direction. The only king who had not interrupted her. Perhaps there was still hope yet for the kings. Perhaps there was still hope left for humanity.


Excerpt from Writing Challenge: Map It Out-Voodoo Time


Marie first met our three Kings  in Poisoned. What a sight she must have seen as she entered their throne room. I didn’t really go into much detail describing the kings then, because I wanted to keep each scene short. But with this Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters asks us to do a character sketch, drafting up a detailed list of their special characteristics and traits. I thought I’d let you in on some of my visioning for each King and what Marie would have seen as she entered their throne room.

Red King

This arrogant king’s deep-set eyes sparkle like the finest emeralds at meal time. His long, curly, luxurious hair is the color of varnished wood, and is worn in a complex style. He has a rotund build. His uniform is mostly red, and it looks like a royal version of a monk’s outfit. The red king thinks he’s head king, and the others let him think so, but he’s dumb as a doornail and follows along with whatever the Blue King tells him.

White King

This brave king’s round eyes are as blue as the sky on a clear summer day. His long, straight, silky, midnight black hair is worn in a simple style. He has an athletic build and a helpful spirit. His outfit is mostly gray and white, and looks like a fusion of a cowboy’s outfit and a policeman’s uniform, including a collar. Some things just don’t sit right with the White King, he’s often outnumbered, and out voted, but he takes a stand for what he believes is right and for what he’s given a pledge of honor to uphold.

Blue King

This angry king has hypnotic; almond-shaped eyes are gold. His neck-length, wavy, hair the color of bleached bone is worn in an elegant artistic style. He has a thin build. His uniform is mostly blue and violet, and it looks like a fusion of a mysterious emperor’s formal wear and a sorcerer’s robes. The Blue King is the plotter, the string puller, the mastermind. He’s often the one making under the table deals to look the other way with magic folk in the realm of man.



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