Hoarder (Edits)

Mrs. Helms was some kind of hoarder, stacks of newspapers and magazines lined the halls, jars of batteries and soda tabs filled every table top, containers of cleaning solvents and nail polish remover, balls of yarn, too many for a cat, in every nook and cranny.

“Poor Salem. He was the best friend I ever had. He was the best cat there ever was,” Mrs. Helms muttered as she clicked and clanged in the garage mixing together solvents and chemicals into a vile concoction.

“Don’t worry, Salem, I got the rotten vermin who poisoned you. I had to use some of my magic to catch him before he could run away, but I’ll give him a taste of his own medicine. And then I’ll get the others who put him up to it,” she continued as she stirred the fowl mixture. Once her concoction was ready, Mrs. Helms expertly navigated the crags of trinkets and knick-knacks that had long replaced the walls of her home to the basement ventilation. She cleared off a spot next to the vent hole, laid the pot of poisonous liquid next to the ventilation lighting the vile concoction on fire. She then placed a fan next to the flambé so that the noxious fumes would make it down to the murderous Joseph, whom she had chained in the basement.

Deep in the treacherous cavern filled with stalagmites of trade magazines and overdue library books that Mrs. Helms hoarded, Joseph screamed, kicked, and twisted. Feeding Mrs. Helms’s black cat, Salem, a saucer of rat poison wasn’t so funny anymore.

“How had he not been quick enough to escape the old woman who needed cane?” Joseph mused his elderly neighbor’s sudden fleetness, failing to notice the slightly sour odor creeping into the basement. He continued to tug at the large rings that bound him to the cold, damp wall of the basement until he lost consciousness.


Just editing this story that I’ve been writing in bits and pieces trying to put it all together. I didn’t include the rescue mission, because it just didn’t flow with the first part when I put it all together. Almost like I need to add a transition scene in between the two. I did take part from the rescue mission scene describing Mrs. Helms’s hoarding and add it to the beginning as an intro.