Romance Blaze

“Why don’t you get out the champagne for dessert while I slip into something a little more comfortable,” Melissa suggested with a wink and slipped into the bedroom. She returned a few minutes later in nothing but her soft pink, satin robe and  a sexy black lingerie ensemble.

“I was thinking we could cool things down,” Hank said handing her a glass of iced champagne.

Melissa looking puzzled, wasn’t about to let new lingerie go to waste, “But, I thought we…”

Hank silenced her with his finger to her lips; placed an ice cube from her champagne glass in his mouth and began kissing down her neck.

Romance blaze

Trail of hot kisses

Ice cube melts
















—–117 words—–

Photo: By Algon at WikiCommons


14 thoughts on “Romance Blaze

  1. Anne Schilde says:

    Ha, cute double-entendre. I could go for an ice cube kiss…

  2. JazzBumpa says:

    Heat meets cold
    At the storm front.

  3. 🙂 I can imagine her puzzled look when something she was so sure about suddenly seems so…unsure. Yet the flames are so much present… Wonderfully written!

  4. muZer says:

    Oooh! They are on fire with an ice cube..:-) Great Haiku too.

  5. kz says:

    ooooh yes haha hot haiku.
    wasn’t about to let the lingerie go to waste haha – love that line

  6. Wow.. erotic and hot… need to go home 🙂

  7. yerpirate says:

    A wonderful touch with words there..just beautiful. I like their different characters very much..and you really let that scene melt into us. Really was very nice and tender..
    Thanks so much for participating..

  8. Sunshine says:

    oh, turn it up…you sure wrote a wonderful melting moment! ❤

  9. Eugene Uttley says:

    Hey, nice haibun.

    I wanted to thank you because I just followed the buttons in your sidebar and learned about all these writing challenges I didn’t know about before. Trifecta, the 100 Word Challenge, Five Sentence Fiction – all new and good to me.

    So thanks for maintaining such a cool blog.

    I’m following. Catch you later.


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