Josh was smoking a Cuban and picking at some chili cheese fries at the bar ,when he was hypnotized by a delicate young thing in a black leather motorcycle jacket and a purple feather boa gleefully twisting to rock beat.

He had no idea why  karma was toying with him now, trying to coax him back into the treacherous, cold grip of love.

He knew he should not have come to this Halloween party, but he was tired of moping around town over the last heartless bitch who betrayed him.

He was Joshua Robert Kennedy; he had money, he had power, men feared him, men loathed him, men wanted to be him.

Women-women wanted to be with him, and they could all go to hell, the whole lot of lying, cheating whores.


Lillie McFerrin Writes
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7 thoughts on “Bitter

  1. McGuffy Ann says:

    Definitely bitter. Interesting, though.
    McGuffy’s Reader

  2. rlmorgan51 says:

    I could clearly sense the bitterness Joshua had still within him from his last disastrous encounter with a woman. However felt as if I got lost in the apparent disjointed manner in which this had been written. I feel perhaps if you had changed the order of your sentences things might have been clearer to me.
    Example: You could have started out with him coming to the Halloween at the bar and his reason for coming.

    Would love to hear your feedback on my endeavor for this prompt.

  3. Dangerous man…but will he allow her to coax him in with her purple feather boa?

  4. Lizzie Koch says:

    I think most women will see this brooding, angry, handsome young man as a challenge, although that last line does make him appear rather dangerous. I really enjoyed this and your writing. x

  5. Bitter, boarding on angry. Maybe he will be ruthless now,… or maybe she can soften his heart? Nice emotive piece.

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