Starting Over

“Your initial tests were inconclusive, Sam.” Dr. Russell reported.

“Are we going to have to start over?”

“Not quite, I do have some ideas. I’d like to switch directions. Starting with a full body scan from head to toe and see what those results are before we go any further.”

“You have any idea what’s causing my condition?” questioned Sam with a sliver of hope.

“I have a hunch. We’ll wait and see what the scan results are before we start jumping to conclusions.” the doctor replied, not wanting to get Sam’s hopes up too high.

Later that afternoon Sam entered the scan room. The massive machine, a shrine to the medical gods, shined with the hopes and fears of patients tested. The white coated technician motioned for Sam to crawl up on to the machine. Sam fidgeted, trying to find comfortable position on the cool, hard surface. The technician darted behind his protective shield.

“Lie still,” the coated man commanded over the speaker from his shielded little room as he started the machine.

A slight humming noise began and picked up in volume as Sam was slid further into the cavern of the gods. He prayed they would find the solution to his condition and he would taste again. As the machine engulfed Sam fully he began to feel crowded and started to panic.

“Almost there, hang in there buddy” the shielded man encouraged. The scan went on for an eternity before Sam the man again saying, “All done.”


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  1. Anklebuster says:

    This sounds worse than the EKG I went through. I suppose any medical procedures would be labelled uncomfortable, eh?



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