Basement Escape

As Alex slipped further into Mrs. Helms’s lair, the shelves were overflowing, forcing him to crawl on all fours. A noisome haze settled between the stacks of magazines and books. Alex altered his course away from the source and approached the basement door with caution. He quietly opened the door and rolled down the basement stairs. The haze was constant and choking in the basement. On the far wall, Alex spotted a small window. He spotted a heavy can. Fixing his sights on the window. He threw, loudly shattering the window.

“I hope the old witch, Mrs. Helms, doesn’t hear that,” he muttered as the fumes began escaping to the yard. A moan brought his attention back to the mission at hand. Joseph was chained to the wall barley conscience. Alex pulled at the changes up was able able to release his friend. He found another heavy can and pounded the ring anchors out the wall.

“Man she is definitely going to hear that. Wake up, Joseph, I can’t get you through that window on my own.” Alex shook his friend. Joseph regained some consciousness, but not his wits.


“Window. Escape. Now.” Alex commanded as he gave his friend a boost and hoisted himself out the window as Mrs. Helms came down the stairs shouting ancient curses at them.

The boys ran across the yard and hopped the fence only to turn around when they were safely down the block to see the house up in flames.

Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #298


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