If This is the Title… The Forgotten Memory

So Liam, over at lifeofathinker, has a writing challenge that I just discovered. “If this is the title” is the name of the challenge. Liam chooses a title and we are to write (up to 500 words) a short story that fits that title. This week it’s ‘The Forgotten Memory’, another change but without the twist.

In Liam’s words:

So I thought that I would do another one of a writing change this week. Don’t worry, it’s not for a change in genre. Instead, I would like you to write a story in the present, but an activity prompts a “forgotten memory”, and in order to explain it to the reader. I want you to write a flashback.

So this week’s title is: The Forgotten Memory


After all the prodding and poking and testing, Sam was finally showed into Dr. Russell’s office late that afternoon. He was exhausted and ready to go home.

“You’re doing great, Sam. Were through with the tests for today. I just like to review you medical history and have you answer a few questions before you leave today.” Dr. Russell beamed.

“Sure,” how could he say no to her beautiful smile, especially when she was trying to help him.

“First, is there a time any time at all when you remember being able to to taste anything, even just the slightest hint of a taste?”

Sam gave pause and stared at the ceiling tiles for a moment.

“Can I have one, can I have one,” a four year old Sam begged his mother as the passed by the candy shop on their way to the park that hot summer day. It had rained most of the week. Sam had cabin fever, had it bad. His mother was grateful to get him out of the house to expend some of that pent up energy even if the humidity hot you like a break wall when you stepped out the door. 

“Yes you can have one,” Sam’s mother obliged as they went inside the store. The air conditioning made goosebumps appear on Sam’s arm. He reached for the red lollipop and handed it to his mother.

“This one!”

“What do you say?”

“Please,” Sam grinned.

“He’s a cute one,” the clerk complimented as Sam’s mother paid for the candy.

“Thank you, he’s so excited to finally get to play outside this week.”

“Yeah, all this rain is going to make it a bad mosquito year.” the clerk commented.

“Hmmm, yes.” Sam’s mother answered wishing she had thought to bring bug spray. “Come along, Sam.”

Sam enjoyed his red lollipop. It tasted sticky and sweet like strawberries that have been left to sit during dinner with sugar for dessert. He enjoyed playing in the puddles at the park. He didn’t mind getting wet. He did mind when his lollipop fell, he picked up and kept going. It still tasted sweet and mom didn’t see.


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  1. liamodell1 says:

    Thanks for taking part! And thanks for the mention! 🙂

  2. So he lost his ability to taste?

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