Dodge This


There was nothing worse than starting the day with gym class, except starting the day with gym class on dodge ball day. You never had enough time to do your hair and could never get clean enough in the shower.

Even that wasn’t going to bring Evelyn’s spirits down today, because she had been practicing for months for the State Orchestra try outs which had finally arrived. Finally she was put Miss Goody-Goody, Misty Rider in her place. Misty always had flawless hair after gym class, was always first sting, was always Mr. Wayne’s favorite. Not today!

As fate would have it Misty ended up on the opposite team during dodge ball. In the final game it was down to Misty verses Evelyn, a precursor to what was still to come for the State Orchestra try outs. Misty lunged and faked to the left. Evelyn took her shot, but missed by a mere inch to the right of Misty’s shoulder. Misty took aim and…

“Ahhhh, my nose!” Evelyn sobbed as the blood pooled onto her hand.

“Let’s get you to the nurse,” said Ms Rivera. As she marched Evelyn passed Misty, she gave a sly grin to her bloodied opponent.


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