Apothecary Shoppe


Marie was a pretty young girl with luscious auburn curls.  Though, she was in no mood to flirt with those who admired her looks as she made her way to the apothecary to find a cure for her father’s tick. She made it through the whole of the town without stopping to talk to anyone.

Marie entered the shoppe and would have thought it abandoned except for the fowl smelling smoke. When the smoke settled, Marie noticed the wizened, old woman attending the shoppe.

The  shoppe attendant muttered a curse as she waved a wand over some shimmery objects she pulled out of the oven and placed on the counter, unaware of her customer. Marie hesitated and lingered at the door until the keeper noticed her arrival.

“Can I help you?” the shoppe keeper hissed with displeasure as she cleaned up the shimmery objects with a flick of her hand and then deposited her wand in a deep pocket on her apron. Marie’s eyes followed every movement the old woman made. If only she could get her hands on that wand. She could heal her ailing father.

“I..I..” Marie stuttered tucking an errant curl behind her ear.

“Well spit it out child.” the old shoppe attendant impatiently implored.

“I’ve come for some antidote for my father’s condition.” Marie finally uttered with a following sigh of relief.

“Is that so, or is there there something else that you might be wanting?” The old woman interrogated as she edged ever closer to Marie. Once eye to eye with her, or as close as she could be with the height difference, she continued “I saw you watching my magic, I saw the desire in your eye, I know the magic that runs through your very blood.” She grabbed a hold of Marie’s wrist and inhaled the scent of her blood. Unable to believe how lucky she was to have fate send her a naive young girl with magic.

“Look, your father is lost to his disease.” The woman demanded as she showed Marie her father’s last breaths in the crystal ball on the mantle. “You’ve come too late for an antidote, even as we speak you father draws his last breath.”

“No,” Marie cried in disbelief, shaking free from the old woman, sinking to the floor in tears.

Ignoring the sound of the the girl’s sobs, the old woman launched her devious plan. Holding out the wand, she offered with a crooked smile, “I can teach you.”


Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #296