Blog Challenge….If This Is The Title….Change

So Liam over at lifeofathinker has a writing challenge that I just discovered. “If this is the title” is the name of the challenge. Liam chooses a title and we are to write (up to 500 words) a short story that fits that title. This week it’s ‘Changes’, but with a twist.

In Liam’s words:

This week’s title is: Change

But wait, there’s more!

It’s a new year, 2013, and it’s that time of year when people make resolutions… changes. So this is what inspired this week’s title. But there’s another change that I would like you to make…

And that is in the genre you write about. So, for example, I write a lot about suspense, and thrillers. But what I would have to do for this week’s challenge is not only write a story with “Change” as the title, but write it in a totally different genre. For example, romance.


I normally don’t right about real life or happy things, but here’s a real scene that could happen to a very proud mother. So here goes…




Harriet stared up at the passing clouds, fighting back tears, and wishing things didn’t have to change, but all things do.

“It’s not like it’s the end of the world, mom. I’ll come home on breaks and when I need some laundry.”

“I know, but you just grew up too fast, before you know it you’ll graduate, and get married, and have your own little one.”

Whoa, slow down, mom, let’s just worry about getting through the first semester first before you have me married off to some girl I haven’t even met yet.”

“Ok, ok,” Harriet sniffled as she left her son’s dormitory. She had all the confidence in the world her son would succeed.