Medusa’s Visit

Merlin answered the knock on the door wondering who could be at his door at this ungodly hour. When he opened the door it was his bitch of an ex-girlfriend, Medusa. Fabulous. He just hoped Isis would not wake up to hear whatever fables and lies she concocted or worse if she befriended Isis.

“What brings you by for this spontaneous bout of torture?” Merlin asked Medusa quietly. The blond bombshell was dragging along an unhappy white dog in tow.

“I want you to take this stupid mutt back and I want my crystal ball,” she retorted too loudly for his and the dog’s liking.

“Keep it down. Shhhh. Pegasus, come here, boy. Good boy.”

“Any particular reason you want me to keep it down?”

“No, here’s your crystal ball now get lost.”

As she disappeared into the elevator, Merlin remembered when they got Pegasus. It was right after he had asked her to move in to their old apartment. He thought he had found the real deal. Instead she cheated on him, took the apartment, and the dog. At least now he had man’s best friend back. Now he would just have to explain to Isis about Medusa stopping by for her crystal ball. Maybe he had some spell or potion in one of his books…

“Ahhhh, here is one…”

Dreamer, Dreamer

Trust tales of the schemer

Sleep has addled your brain

Seeking the truth is a strain

“Good Morning, Sunshine!”

“Good Morning, Love, and good morning…?” Isis hesitated searching for the dog’s name, confused.

“Pegasus,” Merlin finished. It worked he smiled silently to himself.

“Gonna need some extra strong coffee today,” Isis smiled. His spell had no affect on her. She had actually over heard the whole unfortunate transgression transpire, but she did not care.  She was the woman in his life now.