#VSS Nov/Dec 2012

“The bitter cold of 60 deg is leaving us for weekend highs in the 80s. Perfect for those photos with Santa,” said the weatherman.

They moved all of their belongings into storage and hit the road. If the world was going to end, they’d have the best seats.

The returned letter was unopened and marked, “No Address Exists.” Surely there had to be someone left on Earth.

Washed out upon the sands of time, they escaped the doldrums that plagued the seas of the world belonging to the lost boys.

Mormo escaped the fate of her cousin Medusa and retired to a tropical island never to be heard from again. Take that Perseus!

The millefleur covered stench of the corpse until the wardrobe was presented on the auction stage.

All of this citrus is making for a complicated breakfast. A soupçon of nutmeg would be a delight on these crepes.

Waiting for the ultimate in Xmas gifts, the Hologram Sketchbook QZ, was not doing anything to help Sam’s macrophobia.

The shifting of furniture began when the maid tergiversated over accusations of stealing the dilapidated lamp.

The bouquiniste saw the copy of Principia Mathematica was dancetté,though it was damaged she couldn’t pass up the opportunity