#VSS Time Witch from 2012

Marie entered the time shift one last time in search if her beloved white king. She prayed he would still love her when reunited.

The old woman smiled wickedly as she pushed Marie into the time warp. “That will teach her to love.”

The white king’s sword was discovered buried near the dovecote. Marie feared her king dead with him no longer possessing the sword.

What Marie needed was a map across time to find the white king. Too bad such a thing didn’t exist. Marie was losing faith in magic.

Marie was running late and the old witch was growing antsy, what she didn’t know was Marie had no plans of returning to this time.

Marie found a baetyl hidden away in the back of the shoppe, key to finding her love, if she could only kill the old witch keeper.

“Is there a place in time I can truly call my own!” Marie shouted to the stars above as she prepared to make another time leap.

Mene mene tekel upharsin written in blood beside the body at the bazaar did not bode well for Marie’s trip to Turkey. The witch had her.

Marie’s tale continues…