#Zombie #VSS from 2012

His first night he lost his arm, but was able to pick up a replacement when attacked some girl for her brain. Yum!

The improvident zombie mob charged into chemical plant looking for brains to eat, setting off an explosion that wiped out the town.

It is possible some other survivors are hiding out at the old army fort. We should head there, Leona.” Nell urged her on.

The friction of shuffling feet approaching could be heard from a mile away. Time to get outta town or become lunch.

Leona traveled across the country in search of a zombie cure. When she didn’t find one, she knew she’d have to kill him again.

The last time she saw her boyfriend he was part of a zombie flash mob. Leona wondered if life could conquer the undead.

Leona had been running from the zombie mob for a week when she finally found a cabin in the woods to rest for a bit.

“What happened to the zombies?” Leona mused in the eerie silence. “What happened to Kenny (her boyfriend)?”

At the last minute Leona took off the zombie ‘s head narrowly avoiding becoming his dinner. She ran for it; landing in his arms.

“It’s time we had a conversation about this. You can’t keep trying to eat my brain and then tell me you love me.”

Leona had been dreaming of saying “I do” with her boyfriend now she just looked forward to sending him back to the grave.

Looking to complete the tale in 2013.