Burned Tree

Paul’s mother was confused  at the scene of rage and destruction that was the family Christmas tree. Smoke rose from the smoldering remains of broken ornaments, obliterated decorations, and charred gifts. Gone forever were treasured momentos that the family hung on the tree each year. There was no doubt Paul was behind this mysterious scene of elf carnage; he had been dabbling in pyro-malice lately. The question was why did he go so far?

She was uncertain which direction to take with Paul, should she have pity on him, were they too hard on him taking away all his Christmas presents. Did that cause him to destroy all of Christmas or was he already broken? Should she give in to the pressure of others and send him away to one of those camps where they behavior modify kids. She was scared  for his safety at one of those places, the horror stories she heard. Invisible strings pulled her heart in different directions, she wanted peace for her home yet she wanted her son safe and well.

Torn between impossibilites, Paul’s mother hatched a third impossible plan. They would try to scare Paul into acting better, and jolly ole St Nick would due just the trick. A really, scary Santa Claus…


Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #294


3 thoughts on “Burned Tree

  1. Heh. That’s twisted!

    Good stuff, here, zennjennc. Will you explore this?



    • zennjennc says:

      This has been my #vss theme for a week now on twitter. Keeping it up through Christmas I guess.

      • Ahh, cool. (Thank goodness for Google. I associate VSS with Visual Source Safe, and I kinda knew you weren’t writing scary stuff about Microsoft products – they can do that without any help from us, eh?)



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