Collection of #VSS from Week of Dec 3, 2012

Primogeniture forced 2 son, Jay, into a life of underground crime after the boys’ parents were killed in an alleged accident.


Instead of a monkey themed wedding it was a banana of a murder for the Aussie bride; groom just couldn’t handle the monkey business.


“Good morning evil folk, we have gathered the assembly in the matter of the recent break in, which we believe to be an inside job.”


As the blizzard waged outside, Karla & Leo huddled under the blankets in the back seat vowing never to travel for the holidays again.


“Draw the baft, batten down the hatches, weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!” Polly squawked at all who entered the pet shop.


The homeless gypsy put away her orb and cards, wrapped up in her table sheet on the park bench for the rest of the night.


The beautiful birds perched in the trees suddenly attacked the nature photography club. Even birds don’t like paparazzi.